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Best Places to Visit This Eid El Kabir in Lagos (Nigeria)

Best Places to Visit This Eid El Kabir in Lagos (Nigeria) – It’s time for another public holiday. Eid el Kabir, also known as “the feast of the sacrifice” or “ileya” by the Yorubas, is a significant Islamic holiday. Since Muslims make about 40% of the population of Nigeria, Eid el Kabir is particularly celebrated there and this year holiday of Eid el Kabir falls in July.

Many of us have a chance to unwind for a while during the holidays. Even just the prospect of a break from our daily routine can help us get through even the most trying months, and the benefits last long after the kickbacks have stopped and business has returned to normal.

Holidays are typically the ideal time to unwind, spend time with family, finish up unfinished business, embark on new adventures, or simply take a break from work or school. Lagos has many places where you may buy practically everything you want, but even then you might not be pleased because it seems like new goods are always being released which would make your shopping experience worthwhile.

Traveling or seeing new places is one of the best ways to have new experiences. This Eid el Kabir, these places might provide you with priceless memories. We’ve provide you with a selection of enjoyable and best places to visit this Eid el Kabir in Lagos since we want to help you create the best memories. We hope you’ll find this post useful in pointing out some enjoyable locations where you and your loved ones can experience a nice and pleasant vacation.

Disclosure: Due to new safety regulations, some of the information regarding the attractions and sites listed below may have changed. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the location.

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Where Are The Best Places to Visit This Eid El Kabir (Salah) in Lagos?

During the Eid al-Kabir holiday, many people have plans to visit malls, restaurants, event venues, or family members. But have you thought of going to a tourist attraction for the Eid al-Kabir holiday? You can arrange to go to one over the holiday.

Nigeria is fortunate to have a good number of tourist attractions. Each of these locations stands out due to its distinct characteristics. There is a lot to choose from at these locations, which ought to persuade you to book a trip there on the Eid el Kabir holiday this year. There are many of tourist destinations to explore this holiday, whether or not you have been to one before.

Here are some of the best places to visit this Eid el Kabir in Lagos (Nigeria):

1. Freedom Park


Nigeria’s Freedom Park is a historical landmark. Majesty’s Broad Street Prison, a former prison yard used by the British colonial rulers to arrest and torture rule-breakers, once stood there. Freedom Park has been renovated to serve as both a recreational hub and a place for the arts and culture.

It is currently a public complex with resource centers, food stalls, a museum complex, an art gallery dedicated to Wole Soyinka, and much more. Since people with various interests visit it, Freedom Park is an excellent spot to spend time with friends and family as well as meet new people.

2. Hard Rock Cafe


There are several cafes, hotels, and casinos in this beautiful location. Hard Rock Cafe is a trendy location with fantastic cuisine, music, and exceptionally great experiences. From their Legendary Burger to live music, Classic Tee shirts, a Rock Star Suite, or the newest collectible pin, Hard Rock Cafe has something to offer everyone.

Around the world, every Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel & Casino, and Live offers genuine experiences that rock. Although Hard Rock Cafe has a high-end vibe, it is really possible to enjoy yourself with friends and family on a budget, and this makes it one of the best places to visit this Eid el Kabir in Lagos.

3. Inagbe Grand Resort


Inagbe Resorts is a place of pure beauty and serenity. The resort is located on an island away from the bustling city of Lagos. More than simply sand, sun, and sea are offered by this stunning landmark. Inagbe Grand Resorts is one of the best places to visit this Eid El Kabir in Lagos with a full stock of enjoyable activities, vibrant entertainment, and genuine hospitality.

With a view of the lagoon from the floating bar, this amazing resort combines the pure spirit of nature, culture, and tradition. There are several fun things to do during this Eid El Kabir holiday that will cheer you up and make sure you have a wonderful time.

From sporting facilities that provide a variety of games and heart-pounding activities to a traditional spa for massages, a booking for a boat charter for water surfing, an outdoor pool with an exciting ocean view, and free Wi-Fi throughout the resort’s grounds, this is indeed a great place to be.

If you plan to stay at the resort for a night or several days, it also boasts a variety of attractively decorated relaxing rooms. This Eid el Kabir, take advantage of the romantic and charming atmosphere in the air as you watch the sunset and participate in a variety of activities at this breathtaking beachfront.

4. High Impact Planet Amusement Park


High Impact Planet is a top-notch amusement park featuring exhilarating activities and spectacular outdoor attractions designed for kids, teenagers, and the entire family to enjoy. High Impact Planet is the ideal destination to fulfill your need for excitement if you’re quite in need of it. 

The park offers 15 thrilling rides that can very well keep you entertained. The park is home to cutting-edge amenities like luxurious apartments, a well-stocked clinic, multipurpose rooms, and a souvenir court with a selection of items.

The Boeing 777 offers one of the best experiences thanks to a computer-aided design that gives visitors the impression that they are actually flying. This extensive park, which is situated in Ibafo on the outskirts of Lagos, will provide you with all the thrills and heart-pounding sensations this holiday season, making it one of the best places to visit this Eid el Kabir in Lagos.

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5. Nike Art Gallery


The country’s premier art gallery and one of the best places to visit this Eid el Kabir in Lagos, is Nike Art Gallery. Chief Nike Davies Okundaye is the owner of the four-story gallery. The Nike Art Gallery includes an art gallery, a coffee shop, and a textile museum with approximately 15,000 pieces.

The gallery, which is apparently the biggest of its kind, only exhibits and sells works created by Nigerian artists. The distinctive doors and the gallery’s stark white walls make it a stunning sight to behold. The gallery’s collection of art includes anything from paintings and sculptures to textiles and mini-installations.

There are some pieces of art in the gallery that are more reasonably priced, even though some of the most expensive items cost millions of naira. Since entry to the exhibition is free, you can satisfy your eyes with the beautiful creativity of Nigerian artists without having to spend a dime.

You can visit Nike Gallery to take in some of the most exquisite works of art you will see in Nigeria. If you engage in any type of creative endeavor, the Nike Art Gallery is a great place to discover some inspiration.

6. Rufus and Bee


Rufus and Bee combines a full-service restaurant with a gaming arcade. You have a possibility of winning tickets for the majority of the games at Rufus and Bee, which you can then exchange for prizes. The games at Rufus and Bee include an immersive four-player car racing game (our personal favorite), a pink panther heist game, a four-person air hockey table, an angry bird arcade game, and much more. 

A four-way air hockey table and an addictive Pink Panther heist game are just two of the unforgettable games that are available. More amusement is available at Rufus & Bee’s than just arcade games, including superb food, inexpensive drinks, a sizable sports viewing area, and bowling alleys.

7. Terra Kulture


Lagos is home to Terra Kulture, a renowned hub for art, culture, lifestyle, as well as education, with a first-rate entertainment complex with a theater, book store, gallery, and restaurant. The restaurant at Terra Kulture serves a variety of extraordinary Nigerian cuisine, and the space is filled with a mouthwatering aroma. Any enthusiastic Afrocentric will find bliss in Terra Kulture. The African plays at the Terra Kulture Arena are consistently interesting.

Some of the best works created by Nigerian artists are displayed in the bookstore and gallery. The gallery features a variety of artistic mediums, including sculptures, paintings, and photography. Additionally, there is a fantastic selection of alcoholic drinks, ranging from the regional palm wine to spirits and specialty cocktails.

8. Eleko Beach


Eleko Beach, a palm-lined beach with a few tiny privately owned beach cottages, is located near Lekki, about an hour from Nigeria’s bustling economic center. a calm and secure environment with rental goods and beach huts that is free of the traders and hawkers that bother tourists in the Lagos area. 

9. National Theater Lagos


Visit Nigeria’s national theater for the performing arts to indulge in plays and dramas at their best. Numerous pieces of art, both contemporary and traditional, created by numerous artists throughout Nigeria demonstrating the rich cultural legacy of the country can be found here.

10. Go Shopping With Family and Friends At The Palms Shopping Mall


Lagos has a lot of places where you may buy practically everything you desire without becoming bored because new things are frequently made accessible every day, making your shopping trip interesting. 

One of these places where you may go shopping with family and friends throughout the Eid el Kabir holiday is the Palms Shopping Mall. This shopping center is situated in Lekki, Lagos. You and your family can as well head to one of the many branches on the outskirts of Lagos to celebrate the holiday.

Other Places To Visit In Nigeria During This Eid El Kabir Holiday


• Idanre Hills (Idanre, Ondo state) 

• Gurara Waterfalls (Suleja-Minna Road, Gurara, Niger state) 

• Kajuru Castle (Kachia Road, Kajuru, Kaduna state) 

• Olumo Rock (Abeokuta, Ogun state) 

• Millennium Park (Maitama, Abuja) 

• Zuma Rock (Niger State) 

• Ikogosi Warm Springs (Ikogosi, Ekiti state) 

• Oguta Lake (Oguta, Imo state) 

• Erin Ijesha Waterfalls (Erin Ijesha, Osun state) 

• Farin Ruwa Falls (Farin Ruwa, Wamba, Nasarawa state) 

• Abuja Arts and Crafts Village (Sani Abacha Way, Central Business District, Abuja) 

• Nok Settlement, Jaba (Jaba, Kaduna state) 

• Sukur Cultural Landscape (Madagali, Adamawa state) 

• Ngwo Pine Forest (Old Enugu-Onitsha Rd, Ngwo-Asaa) 

• Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove (Osogbo, Osun state) 

• Obudu Mountain Resort (Obanliku, Cross Rivers state) 

• Yankari National Park (Bauchi state) 

• Gashaka Gumti National Park (Gashaka Village, North of the Mambilla Plateaus, Taraba state)

• Ogbunike Caves (Ogbunike, Anambra state) 

• Ancient Kano city wall (Kano, Kano state) 

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Final Thoughts

The long weekend is steadily drawing near now that the Eid El Kabir holiday has arrived. It’s a great time to explore your neighborhood, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you may venture into a remote area where the pleasure never ends. Muslims in Nigeria celebrate Eid El Kabir as a highly significant public holiday.

So, make a note of this Eid El Kabir and then create some lifelong memories. Our exhaustive list of the best places to visit this Eid El Kabir in Lagos and throughout Nigeria will help you sit back and relax while creating the best memorable moments, regardless of what you’re planning, whether it’s an ultimate trip, a romantic getaway, or a self-discovery trip during this holiday.

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