Howdy! my new friend watching me from the other side of the screen, My name is Nuel some friends call me Sage, During the day I’m a blogger, traveller and a city tour guide and by night I’m a computer programmer and a tech savvy, just anything tech ,you get the idea., sounds crazy right? I guess not, hehehe 😜 .

I love travelling , and I’m in so much love with the greens, (I mean the mother nature) what about you, I I did love to know.Let’s know each other more via the mails, I love your beautiful face. Spot that big pulpils.. Whalarr!

Well in a short note I did advice that travelpediaonline is a concept and a platform to educate the digital nomads through sharing travel experiences, guides and tips in the world of exploration and adventure.

Happy and Safe Travels!